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5 tips for parents of psychic kids

5 Tips Psychic Kids

5 tips psychic kidsA little about my psychic kids…in other words, why I think I am qualified to dole out tips on this topic.

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I am blessed to be the mother of two psychic children. When my son was a baby, he looked and felt like a little prophet. He exuded a deep sense of beauty and tranquility. Strangers stopped us on the street to take a closer look at him – that is how lovely this energy emanating from and around him was. At age two, he fascinated me with his tale about his experience in the womb. Shortly thereafter he said, “God and I chose you to be my mom because you will help me do what I came here to do.” I was like, “uh…um…what are you supposed to do? Aren’t you just learning how to talk?” Honestly, this kid freaked me out. Not in a bad way, but in a “I sure hope I don’t screw this up” kind of way. During his early childhood, I often felt like he looked at our world as though a wise visitor who sometimes regretted the decision to come here – the physical limitations of being in a body, the disregard people show to our planet, the expectation that he should want to play with other children, all seemed to irritate him.

My son observed the world with a keen eye and intense introspection, offering up deep insights and prophetic words when you least expected it. His wisdom almost bordered on the eerie or otherworldly. Was he channeling at such a young age, or did he just remember who he was before he came here? I still don’t know. However, I am pretty sure that in those formative years of his life, he guided and taught me far more than I taught him.

One day, I heard this old man talking in my son’s bedroom. Confused – no old men in the house that I knew of – I peeked in and out of the mouth of my sound asleep kid, an old man voice  – deep and crackly – yelled at me and said “the boy needs glasses!” “Who are you? What are you doing in my son’s body? You need to leave it at once!” My son did, in fact, need glasses and I probably wouldn’t have known until later had this guide not used my son’s voice box to tell me.

My kiddo is a teenager now and continues to have that peaceful buddha energy. But, he’s also sort of grown into this life and no longer seems like a benevolent visitor. You know, spends too much time playing video games, chats with his friends when he should be sleeping, doesn’t want to sit with his mother in the movie theatre.  And yeah, it is possible he will tell me that I have scarred him for life by sharing so much about his baby buddha years on the interweb. Atleast, I am not using any current photo’s of him.

5 Tips Psychic Kids
The Princess & her Buddha Bro

With my daughter, her spirit started hanging around about two years before she was born. One day, I said, “Hey, little girl – if you want me  to be your vessel, you need to come now because I’m not going to have kids after buddha turns 5.”  She came along promptly and was born a couple months shy of my son’s 5th birthday.

This sweet being came into the world with an over the top “happy to be alive” exuberance. Unlike my son, she basked in having a body that could touch and explore the world around her. However, she was completely hypersensitive to everything – think Princess & The Pea times infinity. It seemed that the world she was so excited to be a part of also tortured her.

When she was just a few days old, this peaceful little girl version of the buddha cried out after I dressed her…like she was being emotionally harmed. She would not stop crying – an inconsolable, heart wrenching sound. My mind raced to figure it out…she had happily awoken, seemed peaceful during feeding and burping, and she had a clean diaper on so it was not any of those “go to” areas. I looked into her eyes praying for an answer and I felt her in my head, asking me what she had done that I would clothe her in such a terrible fabric that scratched her skin. I muttered, “I’m so sorry, it was a gift!” and quickly took the gown off, dressed her in a soft organic cotton gown and the tears stopped, the breathing slowed, she looked at me like I was an angel because I understood her and that sweet face just melted my heart (before the panic set in about a lifetime of expensive clothing).

I seriously struggled as I tried to figure out how to help her navigate this world, which she experienced more and more harshly once she became a toddler. I was so afraid for her that the fear prevented me from hearing my guidance. I had long ago shielded myself from seeing lower energies, so it didn’t even occur to me that she might be seeing them. She had night terrors almost every night, an obsessive need to touch everything before she’d leave a room or a park or anywhere, and she could not go into a store or any other public place without having a tantrum. I can’t count the number of times I was given the evil eye by passersby presuming me to be the worst mother in the world -this adorable girl screaming her little head off like she was being tortured.

When she was 4, she had a complete meltdown in a department store. She ran under a clothing rack to cry. I tried to calm her, but she was still hysterical and having a hard time breathing as we walked out of the store. She held my hand and tearfully told me that she just couldn’t help having the tantrums; she didn’t know why she did it, was tired of having them and really, really tried to control it. I felt her anguish in every cell of my body. It was a moment to break a mother’s heart, but it was also the moment of clarity for me. The moment that I realized my little girl needed the same tools that I need to function in this world. She was more like me than like her brother.

5 tips psychic kidsLike me, my princess needed to learn about her energetic boundaries.

The day that I taught her a grounding exercise is the day that changed everything. No more tantrums, no more night terrors, and no more feeling like the wrong fabric will scar her.

Now, my psychic princess can enjoy life amidst crowds of any size.

With the hopes that all psychic children can joyfully navigate this life and fulfill their purpose, I give you the following tips…all simple and easy to integrate into day to day life:

#1.  Help your psychic child by engaging in conversation that directs them to look within for where they end and another begins.

Sensitive children need to learn how to discern what is their own feeling and what is energy coming from someone/something else.

For example, if your psychic child says they have a headache right after Fred enters the room with a headache, ask if they think it is their headache or if they might be feeling Fred’s headache. This brings them to look within. If they are feeling Fred’s headache, they will tell you and their headache will dissipate. This type of inquiry helps psychic kids begin to realize that there is a distinction.

You can use this method for any feeling – a simple line of inquiry that helps them look within for the source of the emotion, pain, or whatever it is. This only requires your attention to the environment and talking to your child about what they are feeling or experiencing.

#2. Psychic kids benefit immensely from learning simple grounding techniques.

There are a lot of techniques out there – color, movement, visualization – choose what will work for your child based on what seems most natural to them. When are they most happy? My daughter loves all that is of the earth so this is what came up for us. Alter it to whatever feels right for your kid.

“I see that you are worried. How about I teach you a little exercise to help you?  You can do it any time all by yourself. Let’s imagine we are trees. Stand up, take a deep breath. Do you feel your breath? Let’s breath again! Put your arms out like they are branches. Feel your feet touching the earth. Do you feel that? Imagine roots going down into the ground. Feel your arms, wave them around if you want to, reach toward the sky, take another deep breath. Say, ‘I am [your kids name] and I am one with the earth and one with the divine. I am [whatever it is they need to affirm – for my daughter on that  day, it was ‘ focused’] and I am happy to be alive!'”

That’s it. Simple. Easy to remember, for you and for the child. Honestly, this changed my daughter’s life. Of course, she wanted something to help her so it is likely that any technique would have made a difference. Experiment. You don’t need a book or a class or heck, even this article – you simply need to know that grounding helps psychic kids feel connected to this world without losing their connection to the divine. Then, you need to listen to your inner knowing for what will work for your child.

#3. Address disturbances that your child experiences because of their sensitive nature.

Psychic children often complain about a ringing in their ear, or of “something” keeping them up at night. Don’t ignore it.

First, look at potential physical causes.

If you rule out medical issues, look to the physical space. Electrical lines overhead? Bedroom next to a bathroom? Computers or other electronics near the child’s bed (or on other side of wall). If any of these factors are present and unchangeable, look to Feng-Shui to help alleviate the specific issue.

If you have ruled out any actual physical cause for the ringing or other chatter, it is likely that the angelic or spirit realm is communicating with your child.

You and your child simply need to ask the angels and guides to turn down the volume on the ringing or chatter and to communicate at a different time. The angels and spirit guides are always loving, supportive, and respectful. “Angels, I know you are here for my highest and best good but the ringing is hurting my ears and keeping me awake. Please turn the volume down.” You can also ask them to communicate in a different way, such as dreams.

#4. Actively listen to your child and be open to surprises.

Psychic kids may tell you things that amaze you, creep you out, wonder what planet they came from, leave you feeling you need to intervene in a matter, or tell you early on what their mission in life is (keep a journal of these things).

They may tell you that the house you just drove by is a ghost house, the name of the spirit(s) in your house, who they were in a past life, or that they don’t like a particular person for a specific reason that the child has never been exposed to. If the person is someone they think they are supposed to like, young children may tell you that the dog or cat doesn’t like the person.

Your responses to these out of the blue topics can be the difference between a well-adjusted and confident psychic teen who sees psychic ability as an aspect of who they are (and perhaps even an important part of their life mission), and a psychic teen who struggles, feels like they have been abandoned in some strange world that they can’t navigate, and turns to destructive behavior to shut down the “curse” of being psychic.

If you feel yourself having a negative reaction to something they share or don’t know how to respond, consider saving further discussion for a later conversation… after they have had an opportunity to share openly and feel supported and to give you time to process and determine how best to address it.

Having adults around who are open and accessible helps them feel more sure footed, safe, and secure. Also, talk to them often about things they have told you so they maintain a close connection to who they came here to be.

#5. Foster psychic ability as you would any other aspect of their being – not a terrible curse, something weird, or a miraculous ultra-special gift.

Psychic children, like every other human, need to feel valued for all aspects of who they are, so that they can grow up feeling healthy, happy, and whole.


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