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6 tips to prevent Spiritual Development Overload


Spiritual Development can be overwhelming. There is so much information accessible to us. Not only is technology right at our fingertips but spirit is knocking loudly on our doors. So, how do we integrate spiritual development into our day to day lives when we can’t retreat, attend empowerment conferences, read all of the books that we want, or see a spiritual counselor?

Many of us with a deep desire to grow spiritually begin a focused journey, and then we become overloaded and stop; we dive deep and then get distracted; we think we need mentors and teachers, guru’s and healers, but don’t know who to trust. And, when we are on this journey we wonder, “Do I have to be positive and loving all of the time?” With so many spiritual leaders saying that our thoughts manifest our reality (and they do), sometimes- in private teeny tiny moments – we might just miss our ignorance.  Just for a moment, of course! Or not. Perhaps we wish we were oblivious to our power to create our lives but we’re not –  darn it! –  our own personal judge believes that comes with a lot of responsibility and internal pressure.

The path to enlightenment is not a 12 week intensive. Well, maybe it is for some people…but, I’m guessing most folks can’t really drop everything to focus solely on spiritual development. If you can, do it! You’ll be glad you did. This post is for those of you who find yourselves stumbling along the path, questioning whether or not you should have gone left to learn about energy boundaries when instead you took a right into Reiki 1 attunement.

spiritual development tips
Ease up on the accelerator and enjoy the journey!

Reflecting on my own development and themes common to many of my clients, I offer 6 p’s to help you ease up on that accelerator and allow yourself a joyful and continuous journey.

  1. Patience. Be patient with yourself – the pressure you feel to rapidly develop spiritual gifts and understanding is not pressure coming from your divine connection to the universe, to God, or even your higher self. It’s ego. Ego says “hurry up and be enlightened already.” Divine love says, “allow joy in being.” Some people come into their awareness through awakening, others through a process of discovery. It’s all good.
  2. Practicality. Take a practical approach – baby step will give you strong legs to stand on for a nice steady development pace whereas jumping straight into a backflip will feel good for a moment then leave you laying on the ground, dizzy, and confused.
  3. Pay Attention. Pay attention to symbolism and synchronicity. You’ve heard (or will hear) this time and time again in many spiritual works…because it is important and SIMPLE! If we just give a thought or two a day to note the synchronicity we see, we can learn so much. As well, pay attention to how who (or what) you engage with makes you feel. Everything from the food you partake of to the work environment you walk into every day has energy that truly impacts you – when you pay attention to your energetic response you are honoring your own body/mind/spirit alignment and as your ability to “tune in”  to  this energy becomes clearer, so too does your spiritual path.
  4. Play. Spiritual journeys are not all about intense study! There is much to be gained from play, including spiritual insights. I like the idea of playful meditation…roll down grassy hills like you did as a kid, turn the music up and dance yourself into a frenzy, sing at the top of your lungs, giggle and groove  your way to spiritual connection. It’s fun, it’s easy, it doesn’t cost a cent (unless, of course, you are one of those people who thinks being “playful” is gluing a penny to the ground and watching people try to pick it up). Play is a worthwhile investment on any spiritual journey.
  5. Pray. Talk to spirit in whatever way is most comfortable to you. Alone or in groups. With words or with art. Silent or with mantras, songs, or chants. Whatever resonates with you as comfortable and reminds you of your divine connection.
  6. Practice. Develop a spiritual practice that you can easily integrate into your life….and, uh…practice doing it. A few minutes each day of doing something that feels right for your spirit will take you further on your journey than feeling overwhelmed and falling into self-judgement about your progress. A “practice” can begin with a small affirmation of whatever seems most important for you and it can grow into whatever you want it to grow into – it’s something you build upon so that you have a strong foundation.

No external resource will inform your spiritual journey as profoundly as your own connection to the divine within you. When you feel comfortable with your ability to tune in to the energy around you and trust your inner knowing, you will know what external resources will be right for you. When you trust your path and your ability to connect with energy (developed through a solid foundation of spiritual practice), you’ll know how to ask for the resources that are right for your continued development and the universe will deliver.

Honoring the Divine in You….

P.S. Why six tips, and not 5 or 10 or some other common choice? I simply like the vibration of the number six for this post. 

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