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I am psychic, now what?

I think I am Psychic

Lately, I have received a number of calls from people coming into their “gift” (or “curse” – depending on how scary it is for them!).

“Uh, um…I think I am psychic.”

“All of the sudden, I started having visions.”

“I see orbs of light, when I never did before.”

“I am hearing voices, how do I know if these are good spirits or bad ones?”‘

“What do I do with this? Can I turn it off? Better yet, can you turn it off for me?”

Awakening to psychic gifts can be frightening, exciting, peaceful, stressful – similar to any new experience that causes you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Psychic ability lives within each of us, and for many it remains as a nice, safe socially accepted feeling we call “intuition,” others intentionally develop the ability to access spirit and energy. Some have known about their gifts since childhood and have grown with and into them; and, still others are born into it later in life – often termed “awakened.”

Our world is shifting, more and more people are being called into their roles as energy workers, light workers, intuitives, psychics…whatever term you feel comfortable with. No matter how you arrived into this place of realizing you are psychic and wondering what to do with it, treat yourself and your gift with respect and be patient as you learn how it will play out in your life.

Take responsibility for becoming educated and connecting with others who share similar experiences. Also, I recommend that you look at the process of coming into your psychic gifts as you would any other significant aspect of your life. You would not think to yourself, “I just realized that I am being called to be a Doctor, so I think I will start practicing medicine;” instead you would research, study, figure out if you will be a specialist or generalist, etc. Neither should you come into your psychic ability and immediately feel compelled to begin a practice or give advice. Give yourself time to develop and hone your skills. Enjoy the journey of opening up and allowing yourself to receive and use your gifts. Also, remember that not all psychics are intended to practice professionally. Psychics are needed in every field, family, and community- both professionally and socially. As you learn about your psychic strengths, connect with spirit, and gain confidence – you will readily see the role this is to play in your life.

Each person will have different needs and strengths, as well as their own unique way of tending to their path. The most common issue I come across in my work with burgeoning psychics is one of trust. “How do I know that I am connecting with spirit, or if it is just in my head, my own thoughts?” The way to trust is different for each person – some need practice, others confidence; some need to have physical or visual affirmations. Still others have upbringings that cause them to question whether or not it is even acceptable for them to acknowledge these abilities and they may need to seek spiritual support from within their religious community. In many cases, second guessing or being fearful of your psychic experience is often due to external judgement, fear of external judgement, skepticism, or teachings that have told you that it is wrong to believe that people can communicate directly with spirit. Finding a community of psychics, healers, or friends who share similar experiences, or even friends who are just open and loving to confide in can provide much needed support as you move forward.

“How do I know that the spirit I am communicating with is a good spirit?” Importantly, information from angels and spirit guides is always loving and supportive. It is a good practice to define your boundaries with the spirit realm, setting your intention each time you connect and as a daily affirmation. It can also be very helpful to have a place that you visualize when you begin to feel lower energies around or even when you are second guessing yourself. When I was a young girl, there was a time when I was beginning to see lower energies surrounding me. I became frightened until I heard a voice that told me to breathe. As I took that breath, I felt myself being lifted up toward a beautiful and soothing light. I found myself being welcomed into a loving circle of angels, who took my hands as I joined their circle. They told me that love would always protect me and would always conquer fear. This is the place that I go to if I ever feel afraid, whether psychically or physically! Find yours, it doesn’t have to be something from your past – it can be a beautiful, safe place that you create.

Affirmations, visualizations, setting boundaries – these are all incredibly beneficial. Even for those who are not focusing on developing their psychic gifts. For psychics who receive more than they are ready to, I highly recommend learning about your energy field and how to set energetic boundaries. For those who are reading this because you want to “turn it off,” please remember that we do all have free will so what you do with your gift is up to you! Know that you can set boundaries to access your abilities in a way that feels safe and healthy to you. The critical piece here is “you,” you must be willing to get in touch with your own knowing, whether you want to dial it down or ramp it up.

There are excellent resources on the interweb and at many libraries that can help those of you who are in a development stage better understand what you experiencing. There are meet-up groups, forums, and individuals right in your own community who can support you. As well, there are many classes offered. Finding a mentor or a small support community can be extremely beneficial. In fact, in can change your life.

Enjoy the journey!

As a side note, because I think it is the responsible thing to share…

I have come in contact with individuals who are unsure if what they are experiencing is indeed a psychic gift or if they have a mental health issue. If at any time you feel your health is at risk or you feel this is a concern, it is important to seek appropriate care from a medical or mental health provider immediately.

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