Illuminated Pathways: Development Journeys

Illuminated Pathways Development
Turtle spirit teaches us that transformation occurs as a result of a steady, peaceful, unfolding of our journey.

Illuminated Pathways services are focused on development and include:

  • one on one mentoring/coaching [chorus of frogs]
  • classes for emerging intuitives/healers [Illuminated Pathways: AUM]
  • classes for parents of psychic children [Illuminated Pathways: ParentScape]
  • chakra journeys
  • workshops
  • retreats

Synthesizing intuitive abilities with human resource and development expertise, Illuminated Pathways services help clients rediscover their own ability to create a harmonious and healthy environment for themselves, both internally and externally. Addressing both internal and external factors, we will look at energetic influences, learned beliefs, and necessary shifts. It will be fun, it will be hard work, it is likely to push beyond your comfort zone.

My style is adaptive and spirit-led. I tailor my approach to what is most supportive to the journey based on the guidance received from spirit. I look at needs holistically and deliver services in the way that best supports the needs of the clients whole self (or the groups). Where we land on the continuum from supportive mentor to task mistress is up to you!