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Orlando: Dark night of our collective soul

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Whenever we, as individuals or as a collective, are about to ascend to a higher frequency we first wander around in the abyss – akin to the dark night of the soul. Here, we are gutted… and we often wonder if we can find our way back to the light. The tragedy in Orlando, along with all of the agonizing attacks in our current era, is an example of the abyss. It highlights the need to embrace love energy, to remember that we are all one people, each of us one of the Greater One. We are “I AM”. In the darkness of the abyss, we create awareness of and space for what is to come.

As a mother of (as well as intuitive guide for parents of) children who have come into this world to challenge and shift humanity’s understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation, I know without a doubt that the brightness of the LGBT community will not be dimmed by the still small hearts that continue to perpetuate hate crimes, dissonance, and fear based misbeliefs. As the light becomes stronger and stronger, the dark energies are relentless – like moths to the flame – until the necessary shift occurs. I have zero doubt that the shift will occur. With every breath, I am sure that my children, all of our children, will dance in a higher vibration.

Here on the earth plane, we are collectively experiencing the pain of this horrific tragedy. We are also experiencing private and collective grief as we bear witness to the ugliness and cruelty that still exists in our world – not just within the mind of the shooter but in the hearts of those whose hateful words and actions in response to this sadden and alarm us. It is so important to grieve and to pause in honor  of those lives whose gut-wrenching sacrifice reminds us of the work still left to do to heal our collective human spirit. Know that every loving thought, every prayer, every intentional pause rides an energetic wave and is received by our loved ones who have departed their human vessel to return to pure spirit form.

I do find comfort in knowing that on the spiritual plane there is a welcoming home of these beautiful souls. Gratitude, celebration, healing, so much love. As well, I feel healing happening all around me. So many bright spirits using their powerful voices to usher in a higher love.

In remembrance of our beloveds and of our divine nature.


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