Psychic Readings


What it’s all about:

Psychic Readings are sessions where client, reader, and divine guides (such as angels, spirit guides, ancestral spirits, departed loved ones) come together energetically to illuminate opportunities for healing, direction, and action all in support of the client’s growth and well-being. Divine messaging is always loving and supportive.

As a reader, I serve as a channel or medium for messages direct from spirit. In other words, I am like your ISP (internet service provider) – ensuring that you have a clear connection and can readily access the information you are seeking.

What are the benefits of getting a psychic reading?

A  psychic reading can:

  • provide you with clarity and direction;
  • help you get in touch with underlying factors;
  • shed light on opportunities you may not be aware of;
  • provide a healing and loving energy shift;
  • give you specific guidance;
  • give you insight into how your guides connect with you on a day to day basis so you can more easily recognize them and listen to the messages they give you directly.


I offer sessions in Seattle, Phone, or by Skype/FaceTime.

More questions?

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